Leboeuf sees Chelsea as the second Liverpool

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Ex-Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf sees the former team behind Liverpool and Manchester City in their path to the Premier League title race this season.

         “Sing the Blues” dropped points continuously in the latter. As rivals “Reds” and “Sailboats” continue to collect points until now it turns out that Thomas Tuchel’s team from the top of the crowd has now dropped to third.

         The former France defender has pointed out that Chelsea’s game against direct champions at the start of next year will be a measure of whether the team is on course for the title. But see that the old team is still inferior

         “We’ll know if it will be two horses or three because Chelsea will face Liverpool and Manchester City early next year,” Leboeuf told ESPN.

         “But we have to be realistic now – the way they play especially compare to Manchester City. Because I think even Liverpool have to be resilient too – there’s no way they’re going to be stubborn. He will be able to deal with Manchester City now.”

         “They have to change something. They must have those people. The players are fit and come back quickly. And they need a solution.”

         “Otherwise they are left with none, they are better than West Ham and Manchester United. But I think they are not as good as Liverpool and Manchester City. So they will go in the direction of myself, finish 3rd”